What are Feldenkrais MP3's?

MP3 is nothing more than a type of audio format. I began using mp3s to distribute my downloadable products when I started selling online in 2006. Why? Because mp3's were simply the easiest and most compatible type of audio format. They are playable in virtually every computer and computer operating system regardless of how old or new. And they are small files that are easy to download. My Feldenkrais MP3s can help you to improve the quality of your life by teaching you to let go of chronic tension, stress and pain. A deep sense of relaxation emerges in your body and self as more parts of you become integrated into your daily movements. Underlying holding and movement patterns shift, pain dissipates, and ease of movement increases.

Some benefits of my Feldenkrais downloads: get rid of back pain, TMJ pain, chronic discomfort, improve your balance and flexibility, eliminate tension, breathe easier and deeper, feel more refreshed and present.

"So are you saying that your Feldenkrais products are mainly about movement and relaxation?"

Actually, no. Feldenkrais is about awareness, how to take effective action in the world and ultimately how "turbocharge" your own self-development. Very often, in fact most often, increased movement and greater relaxation come out of the process, but relaxation and better movement is a "side effect" and not the main benefit from doing the work. My personal journey into the world of Feldenkrais came after experience childhood abuse and neglect, alcohol abuse in my teenage years and severe drug use in my early twenties. For me, Feldenkrais is primarily about psychology and emotion. Feldenkrais gave me the psychological effects of reducing anxiety, feeling more at ease in my body and generally learning how to take risks and "have a life".

Later in life I had several severe cases of back pain and also throbbing jaw pain. I started creating my Feldenkrais products primarily as a tool to get rid of my pain symptoms. Though I also taught Feldenkrais extensively in developmental psychology classes at the University of Utah and at a residential drug treatment center. (By the way, I no longer live in Utah, but this site has been up for so many years that I do not have the heart to move it!)

"How do your Feldenkrais Method mp3 downloads work?"

That's a fairly large question. Feldenkrais in general can be though of as safe, fun "puzzles" for your nervous system and brain. Each designed to help you learn patterns about yourself an the the world. It helps you remember, learn and create new patterns of behavior. There are two modalities of the Feldenkrais Method: Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement.

Feldenkrais, Functional Integration is hands-on developmental movement, done clothed on a massage-type table. Feldenkrais lessons are approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Sessions revolve around whatever specific issue you want to change or experience that you are interested in having. Sessions are deeply relaxing, easy and gentle and should not be painful.

The sessions that you can experience through my downloads are usually called "Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement lessons." But I simply call them "Feldenkrais sessions." In the very early days of developing his work, Dr. Feldenkrais did not have any assistants and his time was limited. He could only do one-to-one Functional Integration session with those in most need. For everyone else, he offered group sessions that he eventually started calling "Awareness Through Movement or ATM. Very often ATM is taught in groups. But Moshe, like me, often recorded his lessons. Though he played the recorded lessons to his groups. I distribute mine as downloads or in online mp3 players.

Feldenkrais lessons are not exercise, though some people do call them "Feldenkrais Exercises." Nor are they judgmental or competitive. You will be involved in your own process of learning. How big, how fast or how "good" the movements are is irrelevant. I know that may sound strange. But the truth is, the more you can relax and do the sessions for the pleasure of doing them and the pleasure of learning, the more you will gain from them.

If you wish to try or buy an Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons by myself, Ryan Nagy, you can download them on my store Feldenkrais MP3 download store

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