Feldenkrais Method® Video on YouTube?

Ahh…one of my favorite lessons “Book on Foot.” Or in this case “Books on Feet and Arms” – on YouTube! Hmmm. I fear that the uninitiated will see this video and think it some cute parlor trick or worse yet – a fraud.

However, what it represents is a human being capable of enacting true flexibility in intention and action throughout her entire system. Lea – You rock.

As for the rest of you Feldies – get your damn camera out and start YouTubing! And tell me again, what’s your lame excuse for not starting a Feldenkrais blog?

Here is Lea Kaufman, self-proclaimed Maestra de Metodo Feldenkrais®

**And yes, while the Guild Service marks are all over my main Feldenkrais site, they are not on this blog as they should be. I am working on it. This blog uses mysql and php and I keep screwing up the bottom panel somehow.

10 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Method® Video on YouTube?

  1. Lynette Reid

    Go to presentation/theme editor and find the Footer Template–just tuck it into with html and you’re set!

    Seeing that Feldenkrais on the big white tiles brings me back to my training days in Mexico! Thanks for finding this!

  2. Lynette Reid

    By the way “maestro” has connotations in English but it just means teacher in Spanish! So she’s not self-proclaimed; she’s undoubtedly trained and certified like the rest of us.

  3. ryannagy

    Hi Tim – I could not get the video to play on the BBC website. As an “international” user I am required to pay to see it. I’ll try to dig it up somewhere else.

    Thanks for the comment – Ryan

  4. Suzanne Kronisch

    Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for turning me onto this blog and Feldenkrais video!
    I haven’t seen Ralph Hadden in something like 13 years! Fantastic!
    I went to MindBodySoul.tv but didn’t find this vid. Can you tell me what
    the link is to see it, besides on your blog?

    Thanks for the info and the inspiration!

  5. ryannagy

    Suzanne – good to hear from you. You can simply go to google video: http://video.google.com/

    and type “feldenkrais” in the search field. It’s the first (and only, I think) to come up. there are links for downloading and creating a link.

    cheers – Ryan

  6. John

    Great to stumble across your post re. our story on Feldenkrais featuring Ralph Hadden … This story was from a previous series titled ‘Body & Soul’ which didn’t have an associated web-site – which is why you could not find it by searching http://www.mindbodysoul.tv. (I might have to add it)

    Glad to see it being viewed all the same!

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