Feldenkrais and “Energy”

Just read a post on a blog called Research and Remedies in Human Behavior. The blogger does not allow comments, so there is no way to directly communicate with him. Here’s what he wrote:

…in my somatic education classes I have begun truly exploring my body in movement, especially what concerns the hips. I find the hip the most important part of the body. All the energy stems from there, I believe, the vital inner-core energies, pulled directly from the earth.

I find these metaphorical uses of the word “energy” interesting as they represent a false idea concerning the human body. While, I have no doubt that the quote above is real to the person writing it, there is simply no “core-energy” emerging from the hips. The person might be noticing a difference in his own experience of that area of his body. He can certainly label it energy if he so chooses. But it might be more accurate to say that the area around the hips and pelvis is where many of the largest muscles in the body connect. This area could be considered our “power center” in way, but from a physiological standpoint. Much of our ability to navigate through space comes from the very large and very strong muscles in this area, working in conjuction with the rest of ourselves. But energy? Perhaps only in the words of a poet.