Feldenkrais Podcast #1: A Conversation with Martin Weiner

Marty Weiner, 1943 - 2011

Marty Weiner, 1943 – 2011

Hello everyone – Welcome to the first of what is – I hope – many conversations with Martin Wiener and other individuals of interest to the Feldenkrais community and our friends. Martin (Marty) has a workshop coming up in Ventura, California and in this podcast we will talk about the workshop and Marty’s approach to Feldenkrais.

In his own words:

When I did my training with Moshe in the mid-70s, it was clear to me that he was not teaching a method or system of techniques to be applied to a client. Instead, he was trying to open a new way of seeing and being to us as practitioners so we could truly experience and bring a different mode of consciousness to the world and our work. I have been passionately exploring and developing this approach for over 30 years. At the recent annual guild conference, I was moved by our colleagues’ interest in and receptivity to my work and decided to offer a mentor training once again.

A Conversation with Martin Weiner

Or download the conversation by clicking on this link
A conversation with Martin Weiner

The article that Marty and I touch on during our conversation can be downloaded by clicking: Awareness in Functional Integration.

Second Podcast With Martin Weiner

Here is the link to the second podcast with Marty:

Feldenkrais Podcast #2 : Further down the Rabbit Hole with Marty Weiner

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4 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Podcast #1: A Conversation with Martin Weiner

  1. ryannagy

    The podcast is now officially listed in iTunes, but you have to type in “The Feldenkrais Method” to find it, and the author is listed as “unknown,” that should all be fixed soon.


  2. Tom Landini

    Intertesting (and useful) podcast, Ryan. But what I found really riveting was the story of how you came to Feldenkrais near the end of the recording, and the exchange you and Martin had around it. Well worth another listen, I think. (and sense, feel, act, etc.)

    Tom Landini

  3. ryannagy

    Hi Tom – I appreciate your comments. People close to me and many of my friends and associates know of my “history” but I have never put it out there in such a public space. I thought Marty’s ability to help me talk about it was magnificent. Although, I must admit – it felt a little strange as I posted the podcast online.

    cheers – Ryan

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