Martin Weiner, the Feldy Forum, Feldenkrais podcasts and….

The quote below deserves so much more attention than I am going to give it right now (hey, damn it. It’s Saturday night and got things to do), but I do want to get it online.

It is from Martin (Marty) Weiner, a Feldenkrais Practitioner that I have wanted to know more about for several years. Marty practices the Feldenkrais Method in Southern California and teaches workshops to other practitioners to help them hone their craft (details about Marty’s workshops coming soon)

I expect to have an interview with Marty in the next week or so – posted here and on iTunes as podcast.

In the meantime, read below. It’s Marty’s reply to a Feldenkrais Practitioner asking for suggestions on how to work with a person who has “achilles tendonitis.”

My suggestion is that you don’t let her description and categorization of her experience as “achilles tendonitis” structure your process. When someone comes in with a diagnosis it is easy to get seduced into thinking that that [the diagnosis] is what we are treating and to go looking into our historical repetoire or someone else’s for suggestions.

We don’t treat “things”, labels, diseases etc. What makes what we do different and unique is that it is a process of discovery not treatment, a way of bringing awareness to someone and trusting that awareness (or learning) can produce desirable results in an intelligent system (and it is “intelligent” by virtue of its being a human brain–not because she is a “smart” person.) Why not simply go in and “discover” her and how she is creating the experience that she or a doctor is calling “achilles tendonitis”? Anything other than going in without a plan of action for a totally brand new situation (and all situations are brand new in each instant) misses the opportunity to explore and create with her what she needs. If there is a Feldenkrais method, that is what it is.

Good luck!

Do you have to be a Feldenkrais practitioner to view that as brilliant? I know a couple of NLP-type people and Ericksonian Hypnotherapists who might see it as well.