Advanced Feldenkrais Workshop with Yochanan Rywerant

This Feldenkrais advanced training with Yochanan Rywerant recently came to my attention (thanks to Eva Laser in Sweden),  so I thought I would post information about it.  I do not know much about Yochanon, but according to the workshop description, Yochanon is:

…one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Feldenkrais teachers in the world. He began to study with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1952, and took part in the training program in the Feldenkrais Institute in Nachmani Street in Tel-Aviv.

The workshop will be taught in Israel in December, 2007 and is open to Feldenkrais trainers, assistant trainers and experienced practitioners.

Click the link to download a complete description of the workshop in pdf fomat: Yochanan Rywerant Advanced Feldenkrais Workshop.

One thought on “Advanced Feldenkrais Workshop with Yochanan Rywerant

  1. Mascha Loschmann

    Please send me some information about the training in December or elsewhere in the world given by Yochanan Rywerant.
    Thank you very much

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