Feldenkrais® Podcast: A Primer.

If you have never listened to a podcast or audio on you computer may want to read the text below.

Otherwise, feel free to skip the text and go directly to the podcast links at the end of this post.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio-file in a format that most (if not all) computers can read. You can click on each link below and then click the podcast. If you listen to it on your computer, you will probably need headphones or external speakers.

When you click each podcast-link a separate window will open. Depending on how fast your internet connection is, the audio will begin playing in 1 – 30 seconds.

Can I save the podcast and listen to it later?

Yes. Once the file has completely loaded into your computer, you can click “FILE” and then “SAVE AS” on your Internet browser to store it on your computer. You can then play it anytime that you want.

What about subscribing on iTunes?

Good idea. An easier way to use this podcast is to get iTunes. It is free and works on most PC’s and Macs: iTune Download. Once you have iTunes, search for Feldenkrais and you will see the podcast, as well as a button to subscribe. Each episode will download automatically and will be ready for your listening pleasure.

If you already have iTunes, or another podcast service, you can also click this button to subscribe right now:

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Or test the waters and just click on a few of the podcast links. The links below all go to previous podcasts. Click one. It’s ok. It won’t hurt:

Feldenkrais Podcast #1: Marty Wiener #1
Feldenkrais Podcast #2: Marty Wiener #2
Feldenkrais Podcast #3: Dr. Larry Goldfarb #1
Feldenkrais Podcast #4: Dr. Larry Goldfarb #2
Feldenkrais Podcast #5: Dr. Alan Fogel
Feldenkrais Podcast #6: Jerry Karzen

cheers – Ryan

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