Feldenkrais Podcast #8: Alan Questel

As promised, Part 1 of my long-awated podcast with Alan Questel, Feldenkrais Trainer. Sorry for the delay!

In my conversation with Alan he speaks about some of the new teaching and learning strategies that he is using in his latest Feldenkrais Training programs, as he explores several questions:

Are there more effective ways to teach Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement? How is it possible to evolve the Feldenkrais Method?

An important distinction that Alan talks about in this podcast is the difference between “competence” and “confidence.” What happens when a Feldenkrais student has finished his or her training? They have been certified “competent” to begin practicing the work, but perhaps do not FEEL confident about their abilities? Can Feldenkrais training programs help to address this issue? Alan Questel thinks that they can.

Enjoy. And stay tuned for Part 2 of this conversation where we talk about creativity and embodying the creative process.

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3 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Podcast #8: Alan Questel

  1. johnanderson

    I want to thank you for another fantastic interview. Alan Questel’s views on the training, and therefore learning, process were inspiring. Thanks so much for making these ideas available for me to listen to.

  2. Alan Seiden

    As a second-year training student, I appreciate the perspectives and history in the podcasts. Thank you, Ryan, for recording and posting these.

  3. ryannagy

    John and Alan – Thanks for your comments. These podcasts have turned out to be more work that I imagined, but I love doing them – and I am glad people are listening!

    cheers – Ryan

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