Feldenkrais® Podcast #17: Moti Nativ

Welcome to Feldenkrais® Podcasts. Today, we have Moti Nativ, a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Martial Artist from Israel.

Moti will be teaching a workshop at the Feldenkrais Conference in Boulder (2008) which is open to both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public. He was recently in the U.S. teaching in North Carolina and he was kind enough to speak to me – from the Airport – before he got on the plane to go back home.

Moti is a rather colorful character. He served for 23 years in the Israeli army and retired as Colonel, only to be “re-activated” and serve for another goverrnment agency before retiring a second time.

In the army, Moti studied and used a variety of Martial Arts, studying and reaching deeply into the “core” of the martial arts. He began his Feldenkrais Training in 1991, and trained with Anat Baniel, Ruth Alon, Eilat Almagor and others. He is comfortable teaching both Awareness Through Movement and the Martial arts and demonstrating the relationships between the two.

The Martial Arts Roots of the Feldenkrais Method

In this podcast, and in Moti’s conference workshop, he speaks to and teaches about “the fighting roots of the Feldenkrais Method,” and Moshe’s book “Practical Un-Armed Combat.” Moti also speaks about Moshe’s other Martial arts book, written in Hebrew: “Ju-jitsu and Self Defense,” published in 1931. Moti believes this book is one of the most important layers in the development of the FM, a topic I hope to we return to in greater depth in a future podcast.

Please enjoy Moti Nativ:


And consider taking a look at his website, Shihan Moti Nativ:http://www.bujinkan-israel.co.il/

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