Linda Tellington Jones: TTouch® and Feldenkrais® (Video)

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Linda Tellington Jones of “TTouch®” fame is going to be at the Feldenkrais conference coming up in August. Famous worldwide for her work with animals, she has also trained as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Her workshop, Integrating Tellington TTouch® into your Professional Practice and Everyday Life is open to the public, so register and show up even if you are not a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

My first experience with the Tellingtion Touch was during the first (or maybe second?) year of my Feldenkrais Training, after buying one of her books:

I was amazed by the work. I had access to a Siberian Husky, that had apparently been abused and hurt by its previous owner. The dog was not hostile, but rather, very shy and wary, even though he was a huge and muscular animal. I spent a few minutes on perhaps two occasions, doing some basic TTouch moves along his back and side. There were certain areas of his body that were essentially “armored” with habitual muscular tension.

The changes in his behavior were astounding. He became much more outgoing, and when taking him on walks he would explore and say “hello” to people, where before he would have just walked by my side with his tail and head down.

Below, is a short-video of Linda working with a cat. Two things strike me about this video. Number one it is way too short! I would have enjoyed seeing more of Linda working with the cat. And second, for Feldenkrais Practitioners who create and post YouTube videos, notice that Linda is (ahem) SHOWING the work, she’s not just talking about…it’s always a good idea to let people SEE what you do.


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