Feldenkrais: The Next 25 Years

The video below is from: Feldenkrais: The Next 25 Years, an emerging documentary from Irene Gutteridge, whose short-term goal:

…the creation of a series of short videos, each focused on specific aspects and applications of Feldenkrais, compiled into an educational DVD.

seems to be coming to fruition, step-by-step. Very nice! You can find out more about her project on her main website overview.

Personally, I am becoming even more of an anarchist these days and less inclined to support the work in it’s present hierarchically-based primate dominance structure (how is that for a mouthful?). But when all is said and done – who knows what will finally unleash the power and potency of individuals utilizing Moshe Feldenkrais’ ideas?

Sheryl Field from Jenn Strom on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Feldenkrais: The Next 25 Years

  1. carole bucher

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks in advance for sending the transcript.
    Great stuff you are doing. Just discovered another regionally isolated student in my training has been using your site extensively.
    Best wishes,

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