Feldenkrais Skiing: High-Performance Skiing and The Feldenkrais Method

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Feldenkrais & High Performance Skiing

The short video below popped up in my “google alerts” a few minutes ago. It is of John Kucera from the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Since 2004, John and his teammates have been working with Coach Kurt Kothbauer. Kurt is not only the head conditioning coach for the Canadian ski team but is also a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Here’s a quote from Coach Kothbauer about the Feldenkrais Method:

“In modern and Western society we tend to reach higher levels of performance by using more effort. In the Feldenkrais Method we learn a different approach which is based on completely the opposite idea: by reducing effort and with a clearer goal-oriented motivation, we work on the quality of action.”

How has Feldenkrais helped John Kucera?

Watch the short video below to find out:

More Feldenkrais Videos available at Feldenkrais: The Next 25 Years.

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    1. Ryan Nagy

      You bet. Would you believe that I got a call from someone in Calgary this morning? The person read the post and wanted more information on Feldenkrais and skiing. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller. – R

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