Moshe Feldenkrais Amherst Clip: July 13, 1981

I found this clip on YouTube a few minutes ago. It is from the Amherst training, July 13, 1981. I love seeing the playful part of Moshe that can be seen in the beginning of the video. From what I can tell, the class was watching a video of Moshe working and then he began talking about the video that they had just watched.

There is a portion from the video in which a line from Moshe is repeated many times, like a record that has been scratched. I don’t know if that was in the original Amherst release or if it was added later. I find it incredibly offensive when someone takes a sound bit or thought from Moshe and repeats it over and over again. Force feeding ideas on a person by mindless repetition rarely leads to creative thinking and creative behavior. Rather than “learning how to learn” it turns the work into “learning how to quote Moshe.” Something that not a few people in the community have mastered.

People have the right to hear what they hear and to learn what they learn – regardless of what we think they should be hearing or think they should be learning. As Feldenkrais practioners we don’t impose movements on people. We don’t try to force them to move a certain way. We don’t want them to imitate how we move. I don’t see how language and thinking is any different. Thinking and speaking have their own developmental progression, they have their own scaffolding.

Moshe Feldenkrais Video Amherst

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