Finding Solutions Cyberconference (Happening NOW)

The Centre of Effective Therapy in Australia and The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania are co-sponsoring a “Finding Solutions CyberConference.” I am presenting on – you guessed it – expanding your practice and income onlinee.

Unlike presentations in traditional conferences all of the Cyberconference talks are available for instant download. This means that you can listen, re-listen and learn in your own time and in your own way. Several of the presenters, including myself and Bill O’Hanlon offer free bonuses and slides and such that you can use to further your learning.

Core Faculty

The core faculty for the session include some of my favorites in the field of therapy and transformational change: Stephen Gilligan, Stephen Lankton, Bill O’Hanlon, and Jeffrey Zeig. All are highly skilled change agents and are direct students of Milton Erickson and (most important) innovators and thinkers in their own right.

Though I have only made it through about a third of the presentations so far, my personal favorites have been David Calof’s and Bill O’Hanlon’s. David’s 30-minute talk is a hypnotic induction called, “Relax! Stop Trying to be Creative and Flexible” I will admit that I did the session while working out on a treadmill. Not the best place to be hypnotized, but it certainly was fascinating (and slightly freaky).

My friend and occasional co-presenter, Bill O’Hanlon, speaks to creating cooperation and results while doing changework and coaching. His presentation is highly-useful and highly-relevant for practitioners engaged Feldenkrais-based work. Though I have not yet listened to Michael Yapko‘s presentation on stopping the spread of depression, he is one of my all-time favorite thinkers in the field of hypnosis. I have bought and read every one of his books and audio-programs. Why? His work is wonderful thought-innoculation against the prevalent and exceedingly wrong idea that depression is “in our genes” or “caused by chemicals in the brain.” Life is a process. Yapko gets that.

Healing the Feminine Psyche

Also, if you have never heard of Michelle Ritterman, you may want to take note. She has a presentation on “Healing the Feminine Psyche” and the “Tao of a Woman”. She has many empowering ideas any one of which can effect a change. One of which I enjoy: “How do We Find a Stance in Life that enables us to experience our uniqueness at every moment?” Very powerful stuff. Even though I am not a woman (except on special occasions – don’t ask). I deeply appreciate her work.

Discount and Bonus

Take a look at the presentations and see which ones look most interesting to you? Not only are there 24 international experts presenting but there is one – and only one – group of people who can take this worskhop at a discount. That would be you, the readers of this blog. Enter the coupon code “Moshe” at checkout for a 25% discount.

Cheers for now – Ryan

Solutions CyberConference

If we have at least 8 sign-ups, I will offer a free 60-minute online meeting to help you implement and brainstorm how you can use the ideas in your own practice and life.