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Do you have something that you want to say or share regarding the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and related communities, but are worried about legal or political consequences? Consider contacting me anonymously.

Here’s how it works:

Anonynous Email: Click this link: and use the form to send me an email to info *AT*

The service sends the email without identifying information and it forwards the email through several email servers so that it cannot be traced.

Anonymous File Sharing. Do you have a historical document that you think others in the community should see? Perhaps you have a court document or a letter from or to Moshe? Digitize your document with a scanner and put it on your computer. Then use this service to upload it and get a file link: You can then send the link to me via the anonymous email service and I can download the file.

I describe the steps above so that you can feel secure being a resource for the community. In actuality, you will likely be safe even without anonymity. It would require legal action for someone to force me to hand over any information that you send me or information about your identity. And even then, the action might fail. This blog and the information on it is likely protected under journalist/journalism laws. Though I cannot guarantee that fact. Whatever the case, I will do everything that I can to protect your identity.

By the way – If anyone uses the above links to send me hateful or abusive email, rest assured it will get caught in my spam filter and I will never see it.

Also, the fact that you send me something does not mean that it will make it into a blog post. And if it does make it into a blog post, it could take days, weeks, even months, depending on a a variety factors such as legal issues, community interest, my own personal interest and such. Thanks in advance for understanding.

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One thought on “Contact Ryan Anonymously

  1. Richard Coldman

    I don’t know what’s going on here Ryan, but history clearly demonstrates that whenever an individual brings a unique and radical teaching into the world with the purpose of leading human beings toward greater freedom, and a deeper connection with Being, a group of dunces will invariably gather around the said teaching and set about making sure that

    1. the message is mutilated

    2. the most liberating aspects of it are removed/neutralized

    3. they set up a priesthood to keep the most potent elements of the teaching secret and unavailable to those who would most benefit from it.

    It’s invariably the case that those who form this priesthood are not themselves excellent examples of the teaching. They are innately opposed to it, so they cannot possibly excel in it.

    A famous biblical example of this is summed up in Jesus’ comment on the Pharisees – they won’t enter the kingdom themselves, and neither will they allow anyone else. In Poland this is known as the “gardner’s dog” phenomenon.

    As a happy outsider I can say of the Feldenkrais Method that I love the content but I’m sure I’d hate the politics.

    More power to your elbow in bringing FM out of its dusty closet.

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