26,000 Downloads and Counting….

I just took a quick snapshot of some of the stats on this website and I though you might be interested in taking a look. No internet statistics – even from mighty Google – are ever 100% accurate. My internal server logs show downloads in excess of 37,000, but I will go with Google’s more conservative numbers below:

What has been downloaded the most?

As you can see above, two of our ladies are the biggest draw. Both the Bonnie Humiston and Ruthy Alon interviews have been downloaded over 1000 times. Next up Steve Gilligan and Martin Weiner. The FF40 #1 that you above is my open-source session that I released a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that the numbers above are slightly skewed. The most highly downloaded files were published in the last 6 months when my traffic has been at its highest. When Marty first appeared, my traffic was about a third of what it is now.

Who views this blog? How do they get here?

As you can imagine google is a big draw. But notice the huge range. In the last 30 days, google has sent traffic from over 450 keywords. Notice that people on average spend 4 minutes on the site and visit over 3 pages. In the blogosphere that is very "sticky," people tend to come here and stay a while. Note: Those numbers are just for the last 30 days. Overall Google has sent nearly 20,000 visitors via 5,799 unique keywords. Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s the top 20 searches for the last month:

Social Media: Facebook Visitors

Facebook sent me a few hundred visitors this month. How? Mainly by other people reposting my blog posts on Facebook. Though, I do post them myself from time to time. Notice how long the Facebook users stay on the website – An average of 7 minutes.

Take Home Message

Feedback and noticing what is working isn’t just about the work. It’s an attitude towards life. How can you know what effect you are having if you are not measuring? How can you know what’s working if you do not see the patterns? What I have posted above is just the surface level stuff. It’s not the most important factors, but the most understandable and easiest to write about. I often test different versions of a website or webpage in order to see which one will generate the most sales or the most page views. I test headlines, prices, offers and the like. More on that later…

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  1. Kim

    So, you’re like……bored or something, Ryan???

    It’s actually quite interesting. Now I need to get myself to my own site and optimize it. Thanks for the lesson, once again.

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