Moshe Feldenkrais Video: Biology and Posture

Moshe Feldenkrais: Judo master, physicist, and electrical engineer speaks about posture and thinking. “Good posture” from a Feldenkrais perspective is neutral. That is, a person with good posture has organized himself or herself in a way that allows him or her to move in any direction without preparation or hesitation.

Moshe Feldenkrais on Biology and Posture

4 thoughts on “Moshe Feldenkrais Video: Biology and Posture

  1. Josh Schreiber Shalem

    Thanks Ryan! I just happen to be teaching a workshop on this theme in July (, so this is just perfect!!

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    (trans: thanks to Ayala for the inspiration of her page. She’s does a weekly “Felden-tip” for her fans. Very cool…)

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