Denis Leri Wants a Separate Feldenkrais Trainer’s Guild

I have heard this idea floated many times over the years – some trainers threatening to leave the guild over some issue that upsets them. Actually, I have seen some of the emails in which trainers have threatened to leave. They are actually a bit funny as the “issues” – if you can call them that – are often over something incredibly stupid such as someone not liking a new Guild-produced brochure.

There are other issues of course. The main one, in my view, is practitioners not being dragged into the intercine warfare between these people. Let them fight their own battles and spend their own money and time doing so. Also, having a separate trainers guild will make it clear – legally and intellectually – where the monopoly actually resides.

Perhaps the idea will finally be considered? Unilateral disengagement by the trainers. Not something unfamiliar to these guys and gals.

Here’s Denis Leri:

“It’s not a trivial thing for us all to realize that we’re at a crossroads. Let’s do the unthinkable and start over. Not discuss it or form a committee but just say that tomorrow we’ll form a Trainer’s association/Guild that will have simple standards. We’ll make up the rules as we are adults and we’ve all done a lot of training. Admit that it’s a drag to cover up the fact that TAB’s and Guilds have no business involved in the formation of Trainers. Sure, the national Guild can oversee practitioners and their wants and needs but they don’t serve our needs or the needs of a changing world. It’s embarrassing to hear all this complaining and whining. If Trainers organize the Guilds will have a lot more money and time to serve their constituents and we can free our selves to really differentiate and vitalize the work. Originally it made sense to get community input about trainers because we wanted to avoid hegemony. But now, face it, there are distinct lineages of trainers and that’s been a natural evolution. Why not bless that development and set it free to really propagate. Years of compromise have sucked the life out of many of us. Trainers of the world: Unite!”

Originally published March 27th, 2009 on the IFF Website:

7 thoughts on “Denis Leri Wants a Separate Feldenkrais Trainer’s Guild

  1. Joanna Cutler

    Amen! Wow, thanks Dennis, and Ryan. These sentiments make me happy and optimistic about the method, as opposed to feeling sad and tragic about the future of The Feldenkrais Method. I subscribe to this vibe!

  2. Eva Laser

    This is a reply to the March-April 2009 Pre-Assembly Structural Review Discussion where many trainers had a say after been invited to participate on short notice. I see it is open to read without. Leri writes in a context. When you publish this link now, have you been in contact with Leri and know it is something still valid?

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi all, thanks for your comments I have largely been offline for several days.

      Eva – I have not spoken to Denis about this. I have seen him write about the idea in an email that was circulated among trainers and the NATAB, though, I do not know if he was serious about it. I am raising the issue on behalf of practitioners. I don’t think they need to wait for the trainers to take action. It would be nice if FGNA could start being proactive and start making some changes now as opposed to waiting for the next crisis.

      cheers – Ryan

  3. Gabrielle Wellman

    Yes, indeed! I agree stongly with Denis’ comments and with the sentiments of your blog Ryan. Thanks for publishing and being a soundpost.


  4. chris cardillo

    I fully agree. We are finally at a place of recognition in the mainstream world, more and more. It is important for us to be on the same page. There isn’t room for disorganization. We ARE all adults,and we HAVE evolved as a method. Let’s not ignore necessary changes/revisions for our further development as a community.

  5. nagster Post author

    Chris and Gabrielle – Thanks for adding your comments. Look forwarding to speaking some more about this. – Ryan

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