Feldenkrais Google Search Trends (Deceiving!)

Feldenkrais Search Trends

I was initially puzzled – and annoyed – at the chart below. It show a 5-year long decline in the number of people searching on Google for the word, "Feldenkrais." Surely that can’t be right???

The Graph is deceiving. What it is actually showing is a change in search habits. People, in general, are doing much more complex searches on Google. Their knowledge of Feldenkrais may actually be increasing and they are doing more knowledgeable and specific searches.

This is the graph for the same period as above. But for the search “Feldenkrais Therapy”

And for “Feldenkrais Exercises”

Feldenkrais Practitioner:

Here’s some other Feldenkrais search terms that are increasing:


1.    feldenkrais übungen     +160%
2.    feldenkrais exercises     +110%
3.    feldenkrais therapy     +110%
4.    feldenkrais practitioners +100%
5.    feldenkrais méthode     +90%
6.    feldenkrais paris     +80%
7.    feldenkrais metodo     +70%
8.    methode feldenkrais     +70%
9.    feldenkrais institute     +60%

The biggest trends are likely not showing because the numbers are too small for google to bother tracking. These are the long keyword searches such as the ones below. Below are actual searches that people typed to reach this blog. There are about 500 unique searches that people type every month:

feldenkrais for carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet
feldenkrais lesson for the core
feldenkrais lessons online free
feldenkrais exercises for emotional integration
feldenkrais classes salt lake city
feldenkrais abdominal breathing, posture correction, and nerve glides
copyright feldenkrais free atm nagy
cervical degenerative disc disease feldenkrais
bone mineral content related to bone healing
alexander technique opinions about rolfing
david zemach-bersin training in berkeley bad teacher Ha ha!!
power of feldenkrais on you tube
amherst training videos on youtube    
the work of moshe feldenkrais cd/dvd
the goal of feldenkrais to move in any direction
sample atm mp3 feldenkrais
moshe feldenkrais quote intimacy choice
moshe feldenkrais book self defense moti nativ
more flexible than a child lesson feldenkrais
link between rolf, alexander feldenkrais
judo: the art of defense and attack feldenkrais download


The take home message: Don’t be shy about using long sentences and blog post titles (or page titles) when you write about your work. “Feldenkrais for your grandma so she can slap the sh*t out cha mama.” That’s totally fine. You may not get many visitors, but the ones that you do get will be looking for exactly what you are talking about.

By the way: Google searches are getting longer and longer in general: Ryan Nagy: Keyword Searches