Jesus Cured My TMJ Pain (Using Feldenkrais and Somatic Visualization)

TMJ Muscles and JointsGetting ready to move to Isla Mujeres, Mexico (in less than 10 days!) and decided to take some time to create and release a new product: “Eliminate TMJ Pain Now.

I tend to create products that arise from my own needs and this one is no exception. I had TMJ symptoms on and off for many years. I’m sure it was completely physical, due to poor self-use, and had nothing to do with constantly being angry and vengeful and having the desire to set fires and blow things up. That’s what I tell myself. Though I’m sorry to say that I STILL find myself clenching my jaw and tongue at times, it usually only happens when I read the FeldyForum or when someone sneaks up behind me and says, “FGNA” or “Service Marks.” But I am working on it. One day at a time.

FGNA jaw clenching aside, I never have TMJ pain anymore and the processes embedded with my Eliminate TMJ Pain series have helped tremendously. In fact, the processes used meet the requirements of both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research who are adamant that conservative and reversible treatments for TMJ should precede surgery or other invasive techniques. For those of you interested in buying the series, type in the discount code “blog” for a 30% discount on it or any other product that I sell. All of my Feldenkrais products, including the Eliminate TMJ series, can be found on my Feldenkrais mp3 store.

***Please note the “practitioner version” that I created which has transcripts of the sessions. You can use them as a starting point to create your own workshops and products. If you do, don’t bother to credit me. Just tell people that the sessions came to you in a dream. Preferably a dream that mentions a burning bush and some stone tablets. People love that kind of stuff and you will likely sell a great deal. In fact, may I be so bold as to name your new product? Try one of these:

“God’s Pain-Free Purpose for Your Mouth”
“Holy Rollers: Tongue and Jaw Circles For A More Spiritual You”

Don’t forget to trademark your terms and sue the shit out of anyone who tries to use them.

Be well – Ryan

9 thoughts on “Jesus Cured My TMJ Pain (Using Feldenkrais and Somatic Visualization)

  1. John Quinn

    In fact, may I be so bold as to name your new product? Try one of these:

    “God’s Pain-Free Purpose for Your Mouth”
    “Holy Rollers: Tongue and Jaw Circles For A More Spiritual You”

    Don’t forget to trademark your terms and sue the shit out any who tries to use them.



    You’re a riot!

    Be well,
    Yours’ in Feldenkrais
    John Quinn

  2. Justin Picken


    One of my first exposures to Feldenkrais (I had many before I finally took the plunge and got certified) was as a result of a fractured jaw. Someone recommended a series of Feldenkrais tapes (casettes – that’s how long ago this was!) on TMJ – I can’t remember whose they were.

    I did the tongue and jaw movements on those tapes, faithfully, for the next 7 weeks. When I had my jaw unwired, after having it rendered virtually immobile because it was wired shut, my doctor took out the wire cutters and released me.

    He told me not to expect to be able to talk very well for a while and to expect some soreness and that I would have to slowly wean myself back onto eating solid foods, as it would be difficult for me to open my mouth and to chew for a while.

    As he snipped the last wire, he asked me to test how it felt, gently.

    His jaw nearly hit the floor when I opened my mouth wide and grinned, with no pain.

    Like most MD’s, even though he was astounded and had no clinical explanation for my zero loss of mobility and my lack of pain, he remains skeptical of what I do now in my practice, to this day!

    Here’s hoping your new series will astound, dumbfound and confuse many more MD’s and “traditional medicine” practitioners. I’m sure it will.


    1. nagster Post author

      Thanks Justin. I love hearing stories like that! And by the way – there are some interesting ideas from the cognitive psychologist George Lakoff that would help explain your doctor’s behavior. Lakoff says that people have certain stable cognitive and linguistic frames which they use to view the world. And often, when they encounter a fact that doesn’t fit that frame, they tend to ignore or discount the fact. I found that idea fascinating. I don’t remember exactly where I read it. I think it was the book “Moral Politics.” Or perhaps it was called, “Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate.”

      cheers! – Ryan

  3. candia

    Hi Ryan,

    I will recommend your series to a chewing gum addict client, I think she´ll benefit greatly. I totally agree with your view of sharing knowledge. The turquoise waters of the warm caribbean are delight and probably we´ll all benefit from your refreshed inspiration. Have a safe trip,


  4. Kim

    I’m going to name mine, “The 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Bring Your Subconscious Alive: How To Say What You Really Mean Without Gritting Your Teeth Or Getting Punched in The Face.”

    All the best on your new journey, friend!!!
    Please be sure to post when we can all visit. And, you could offer up the TMJ Alternative Workshop: Get Out of the Country and Into Your Mind.

  5. nagster Post author

    Thanks Kim – I like your title better. And it’s probably more accurate! And I will definitely be having some workshops on Isla Mujeres.

    Stay tuned for some explosive blog posts…I just got an opinion from my lawyer about some information that I want to put online….

    – Ryan

    BTW – I have not forgotten about our mutual project…getting ready to launch another one and will be ready to roll shortly….

  6. Carabean dreams

    recently I wrote to a feldenkrais branch off dude: i referred a client to his website (without having bought into his program myself), and i also complained about how outdated his website is. this dude was so on fire that he wrote back to me: “With all due respect, I need to let you know that I won’t be communicating with you further.”

    so, ryan, your jaw release program comes as a great relief and sign that there is still sanity in this woild. maybe i should adapt it and call it “The sounder jaw release program”.

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