Feldenkrais Video: “It’s all about YOU.”

“You” and “Your” are two of the most important words that you can use online to increase your results and to get more students and workshop participants for your practice. Why? Well, think about what YOU personally do when you navigate to website or do a web search.

Are you looking for something specific? Do you have a need or want that you hope the website can help you with? If so, you (consciously or otherwise) want to find indicators on that website that the creator is specifically speaking to you and your needs. Vague and unspecific language will not give you what you want. Consider:

Having an Impact Online: “It’s all about YOU.”

Here are the examples that I went over in the video.

The low-effectiveness versions

It [Feldenkrais] operates by giving people choices about how they move

As people use the Feldenkrais Method they often become more able to act from choice and not routine or habit.

Who is it [Feldenkrais} for?

The versions that work to increase effectiveness on your website:

Feldenkrais can help you by giving you choices about how you move.

As you use the Feldenkrais Method you will become more able to act from choice and not routine or habit.

Feldenkrais is for you if you want to make the things you do easier, more efficient and pleasurable.

Want another dozen or so ideas to increase your practice online?

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