Getting More Students: This is how it’s done…

Last month I taught a webinar on how you – as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and small business owner – can organize your website to get more students and workshop attendees. Within just a few days of the webinar one of the participants, Kim Cottrell, Portland Feldenkrais practitioner streamlined and organized her website to take advantage of the principles that I taught. The result? According to Kim:

“It’s working. I have had 5 new contacts in the last week. One woman wants to buy a package of 3 lessons. Two pregnant women. Two older women.”

Why is it working? I’ll let Kim describe it:

“My site is no longer cross-motivated.
Looks better, more attractive.
Clearer what I’m asking of them.
Clearer what I’m offering.”

That about covers it! If you have a website and you want people to DO something on that site – like call you to schedule a session – then you have to put yourself in the frame of mind that they are in. What are their needs and goals? What is the simplest way that you can communicate that can you help them?

Generally speaking, people don’t want to hear a story about Moshe walking to Palestine on foot (groan). Nor do they want to be lectured about the importance of awareness or learning how to learn, nor do they want to know about your credentials or who you studied with.

They want to know if you can help them.

In order to communicate to potential students that Kim can help, she starts her webpage with two great pictures. One clearly shows people moving (and clothed!), answering questions about what the method “is.” And the second is a picture of her (smiling) which connects the method to a real person:

And then she immediately moves into language and ideas that are about the client:

That language speaks to a great many people who come to her website. If a person has any of those thoughts in their head when they visit, they are likely to feel welcomed.

Kim then talks about some other ideas that might interest a customer and then she makes an offer. That is, she makes a simple, clear call to action:

Do you have a call to action on your website? You’ve got to have one. You have to make it easy for a person to understand what you want. Don’t take it for granted that they know.

Take quick look at Kim’s website: Kim Cottrell. And then take a look at your own. What can you do to simplify your website? Do people know what you are offering? Can they easily understand your language? Do you make them an offer? You don’t need to reorganize everything all at once. Just start with making some small changes that simplify what you are offering and what you do. There is a reason why you start an FI with some gentle movement that go with the person’s organization? The same idea applies online….