Be Fruitful And Multiply

“If ye have faith as a simple mp3, ye shall say unto this CD, “Convert into digital format and move hence to yonder place.” And it shall move. And nothing shall be impossible to you.” – Moshe Feldenkrais, Sermon on Making the Impossible Possible.

It’s happened twice in the last 24 hours and probably 12 times in last year. I navigate to a Feldenkrais Practitoner’s website. They have a cool product idea. I’m interested. I read the description and decide to buy it. And then I see:

“Email me and I will tell you the price.”

“CD only $49.95”

“Blah blah blah.”

My response?

“Oh ye of little faith! If the internet can sell thy CD’s, then it can also sell thy mp3’s, clothe thy children and to morrow go viral on Facebook. How much more will thy ATMS give sustenance to your practice and nourish your soul?”

Or in the common vernacular:

1) A person needs to be able to purchase your products immediately and without waiting. Ever heard of iTunes? Think: “Without hesitation and preparation.”

2) There are a huge number of people in the world who don’t buy CD’s. How many people do you see at the Gym with CD players now?

3) Selling only physical products limits your potential reach by about 10 billion people. You think someone in China, India, Brazil or New Zealand is going to buy your CD’s, pay $$$ for postage and then wait 4 weeks for them to arrive? Hell no. “Make the impossible possible.”

However, if your CD’s are sold as mp3’s and a person can buy them instantly – regardless of where they live – and have them on their computer or iPod in seconds…what do you think will happen to your sales?

So shall it be done.

You don’t know how to convert CD’s to digital audio?

You can learn. It’s free. Get a free copy of iTunes for your Mac or PC. Insert your CD. Find the “import” command. iTunes will convert your file to digital and import it.

You don’t know how to sell audio online?

You can learn. It’s free. Get a free 67-day trial to E-Junkie. You don’t even need a credit card. Nor do you need a credit card nor merchant account to accept money. View my free E-Junkie videos and learn how to sell your products. If you can cut and paste, you can use E-Junkie.

You don’t have any products?

Create some. It’s free. If you have a computer you can create an eBook using OpenOffice. If you have a Mac you probably already have built in microphones that allow you to record. Most PC’s have them too.

You don’t need an extra $100 to $500 per month selling Feldenkrais mp3’s?

I don’t believe you. But if it’s true, create some products, sell them and give the money to charity. Better yet, give them away for free. Saving people that you have never met from getting back surgery, carpal tunnel surgery or living a crappy life builds good karma. And self-esteem.

And remember Moshe’s words: “Convert. And go forth.”

6 thoughts on “Be Fruitful And Multiply

  1. MaryBeth Smith

    Thanks for such an encouraging and positive post.
    More availability and accessibility means more visibility for the Feldenkrais Method.
    It is now so easy to create mp3’s, make videos, and most importantly, connect with people — and fun, too, by the way — that the formerly impossible is now possible. Go forth and create [content], indeed, and Amen, brother!

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi all – Thanks for your comments. I feel like we are on the cusp…and we do have an amazing advantage – we can send experiences worldwide that can change lives. I love getting massages from time to time but it’s hard to send them through the internet. Not so with Feldenkrais!

      cheers – Ryan

      (Itsvan – I will definitely link back to you.)

  2. Falk

    hi ryan, i agree with you. it is really relatively easy to make decent quality mp3 recordings of live ATM lessons and then either sell them, give them to your students (who doesn’t want to repeat an ATM), or make them freely available to the entire community. for those who do not know: there are over 100 freely available ATM lessons from a variety of practioners that can be downloaded at

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