Happy NEW YEAR and…

New Year’s is a great time to do a psychological “scan” and take note of where we are, what we’ve done and where we are going. Someone once said, “If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want.”

But what are we scanning for? Many possibilities, but let’s start with productivity and growth of our businesses and practices. Have you ever read that short quote about business attributed to Steve Job of Apple? It’s very short:

“Real Artists Ship.”

It has a very succinct and clear meaning for those in the software industry. Producing stuff that is amazing, elegant and cutting edge is important. Yes, yes, yes.

But it is infinitely more important to actually produce something that works and get it to users; to ship it. Get it out the door. Have a success or failure in the real world. It works much better than having one in your head.

Of course, you can do that and do it gently and effectively. Or as Moshe said tens of thousands of times in his life:

“Make it light, simple, and without force.”

That’s not just about movement.

Your Results for 2010

For a moment, take note of your successes, no matter how small:


“What’s one positive thought I have about my results in 2010?”


“What is one thing about that makes me happy about what I have done in 2010?”

Got that? It could be useful to make a mental note of that or write it down.

Now, think about what you want.

If you are working on a project right now or want to be…whether it’s a new mp3 product or your first, your next ATM workshop or your first, getting more students or starting a blog and doing more effective marketing, pick a question below and ask it to yourself everyday for the next few days:


“What small step can I take today that would move me closer to that goal?”


“If I were 100% certain that I was going to achieve that goal what would I be doing differently today?”


You can build on those answers. Take a moment and note them. Again, you may want to write them down and put them someplace where you will remember them. (Ask enough times and you will remember automatically).

See you next year!!

5 thoughts on “Happy NEW YEAR and…

  1. Gail

    Thanks Ryan: out of all the stuff published about the New Year this really resonates with me! With a legal background, unfortunately I’m usually in a mindset about bringing down the hammerr ;-(. I definitely need this reminder to keep things light, simple and without force as well as treating myself and others in a gentler manner. Best to you and a very Happy New Year.

  2. Richard Coldman

    Thank you Ryan for this timely reminder. Excellent advice. May your 2011 be your best year yet, in every department. Warmest greetings from these chilly Polish mountains.

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