Feldenkrais Marketing: Free Google Local Listings

On another website, I just wrote a post on the benefits of getting a free google local listing. Google local (technically called “Google Places” now) is getting more and more important as Google is highlighting the local listings based on what geographic location you are searching from and what keywords you type. They can also push the “natural” rankings way down the page. Meaning a current high-rank can be worth less and the free local listings worth more.

As a Feldenkrais practitoner, you need to be on Google local. It’s free, can bring people directly to you, and you can add any specialties that you have.

You can do it on your own, you don’t need to pay anyone. It can take as little as 15-minutes:

Google Local Listings

Top Secret Feldenkrais Ninja-Tip: If you work in multiple places, create a listing for each location. For example, if you practice in Manhattan part of the week and Brooklyn the rest of the week, add a separate listing for each one.

3 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Marketing: Free Google Local Listings

  1. MaryBeth Smith

    Great idea, Ryan, thanks. I couldn’t agree more — local, local, local is the way to go. The Google listing is a bit dicey for those of us who practice from a home office/studio, as it requires a physical address. Also, the business categories were very unsatisfying: I ultimately chose “Learning Center.” I also really like how you can add photos and videos to the listing. It was easy, and you’re right — probably 15 minutes tops. Google is “crunching” now, so my listing should be up tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!
    A few months ago I added an individual profile and a business listing on Yelp, which also really plays up the local angle. It’s a great feeling to get good reviews, and I also like the social networking aspect of Yelp.
    With so many great options available for free promotion, there’s no excuse to stay out of the game. Thanks again for the encouragement.

    1. nagster Post author

      Thanks MBS! I need to get on Yelp and re-consider it. I used to use it for some local businesses when I lived in SLC, but it has fallen off my radar. We should probably remind people that they don’t even have to have websites to use google places and yelp….

      cheers! – Ryan

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