1950 “Review” of Body and Mature Behavior.

A moment ago, I stumbled across a reference for what I though was a review of Feldenkrais’ book “Body and Mature Behavior” from a 1950 psychology journal. Unfortunately, it was more of a fortune cookie note than a review. None the less, the unsigned review is notable for it’s outright dismissal of the book and apparent need to show no supporting details.***


From Journal of Consulting Psychology, Vol 14(3), Jun, 1950. pp. 235.

FELDENKRAIS, M. Body and mature behavior. New
York: International Universities Press, 1949. Pp.
viii + 167. $3.75.

“The perplexing subtitle of this small book, “A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation, and Learning, may seem like a cross-out-one-wrong-word test item until the author’s thesis is disclosed. Feldenkrais examines the implications of the erect human posture, and of various modes of carriage and movement, for the development of personality and for psychotherapy. The theory has its points of interest, but does not quite persuade.”

***That being said, I must say I am only now after 15 years of experience and study coming to appreciate the utility of the book and its ideas. I’m going to believe that makes me an early adopter. After all, it is widely reported that a cure for scurvy was found in 1601 by the British Captain James Lancaster. Though it was not until 1795 – nearly 200 years later – that the cure was mandated by the British Navy.

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  1. Christina S Short

    Respectfully hello, I have used the text Body and Mature Behaviour for several years as a reference. I used portions of this work with a client. I integrated the knowledge I interpreted from Body, Mature behaviour to improve client’s way of life and living. And moreover to maintain erect postural status.
    I would like to share more of this experience…please contact me if you desire. Your friend in movement.

  2. Chai Kai

    good find ! , Ryan! too much!

    The most priceless Moshe humour is in B&MB in chapter 17 on the upright two-person reflex sexual orgasm…Most of Moshe’s work has a big effect on the flexibility of the hips and pelvis, but the sexual benefits are not emphasized by Feldenkrais people.
    Moshe says something to the effect that if one has a “female” (sic!) partner that is “affectionately disposed”!
    It’s page 177-178. He even mentions that one would probably have 5000 coiti (coitus) acts in one’s life! These two pages are probably the most radical of Feldenkrais’ writings that have been ignored. Imagine a demo on the Oprah Show! How many people have even experienced or seen a mature complete reflex discharge of the sex act while standing! One needs to be erect ( sic!) in the standing position in order for the reflex to be triggered thru the feet and gravity components….
    Not to mention the gross lack of apprenticeship offered to ourselves in education!

  3. Ryan Nagy

    Thanks. Just hapenned…hmm. I don’t quite remember I was looking for something else…but don’t remember what that was either…

    I will try and remember.

    – Ryan

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