Feldenkrais In New York City: Got Any Stories?

Hi all – I’ve recently done a pre-launch of a new website called Feldenkrais New York which due to some super-duper geek stuff that I do is rapidly climbing up the rankings for google searches related to New York. The website has a special purpose which I will not be announcing publicly. However, a few choice practitioners in New York may be getting an invitation to join me in this new venture.

In the meantime, I am looking for little known facts and stories about Moshe Feldenkrais and Feldenkrais in New York. I’ve had great difficulty finding ANYTHING online. What do you know about Feldenkrais in New York?

I know that Moshe taught a well received lecture at New York University in 1973. And that the Amherst training was only a couple of hundred miles away. Surely, there were some New Yorkers in the training? And, what else? Would you be willing to leave a comment and tell me what you know or have heard?

4 thoughts on “Feldenkrais In New York City: Got Any Stories?

  1. Irene Gutteridge

    Talk to Sheryl Field – ask her about how she found out about Feldenkrais. She gave me the story when we interviewed for Next 25 Years……great story – she was in the NY public library, waiting for her mom to pick up her and her siblings, and that she saw a flyer of Moshe giving a lecture, she said to me “it was the only thing I ever begged and pleaded for ever”. So her mom took her, she must have been a teenager at the time, and she fell in love with the work. In NYC. if i can recall, the following summer she went to israel, but I’m not 100 percent certain on that. Because sheryl lived in NJ, so closed to Amherst, it is this reason that she started seeing the kids with movement problems when moshe wasn’t there….and hence the field center was eventually born…..(I got to get that piece edited!!!).
    good piece of history.
    Irene. http://www.thefieldcenter.org/01tfc/who.html

    1. nagster Post author

      Thanks Irene. I have never heard any portion of that narrative about Sheryl. Completely new to me. Will do some more digging. Thanks! – Ryan

  2. Phil

    Talk to Amber Barbara Grumet at Feldenkrais Assoicates in Union Square, NYC. I recently saw her for a chronic pain problem which she healed, and she was telling me about Feldenkrais method which I had never really heard of before. Her story was fascinating about Moshe Feldenkrais and the extensive training she had to go through. She’s been around for 20 some odd years in New York City. Thanks. Phil

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