Feldenkrais MP3 Store: A New Look And A Major Discount

Feldenkrais mp3's compatible with all playersI’ve recently started updating my html and programming skills by working with a “local” expat programmer here in Mexico. It’s been a great deal of fun having immediate access to someone who likes to teach and knows a great deal more than I do about programming. If I stay in Mexico long enough, I may start inviting some Feldenkrais practitioners down here for a similar type of immersion.

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you the new look of my mp3 store and website that came about through my collaboration: Feldenkrais mp3 store. If you find anything that you would like to purchase, use the discount code “2012” when you checkout for 30% off of whatever you order. I rarely discount my prices, so take advantage of this deal before it expires. I won’t do another for a year or more: Feldenkrais Downloads.

By the way – Let me know what you think of the new design?

– Ryan

2 thoughts on “Feldenkrais MP3 Store: A New Look And A Major Discount

  1. Irene Gutteridge

    I like the new look. simple and easy. do you have any interest in putting, beside your name, that you are a practitioner of feldenkrais? I suppose people would obviously assume this, but some credentials, or a brief bio would be good. that whole trust/credibility stuff. I.

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