Feldenkrais Podcasts: Ralph Hadden, Australia

Ralph Hadden, Feldenkrais Australia

This podcast was created earlier this year on a website called The Global Multiversity a website that I founded with Rob McNeilly from the The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania

This particular podcast that I am re-broadcasting is Rob McNeilly interviewing Ralph Hadden, a Feldenkrais practitioner who works in and around Melbourne, Australia.

I think this one is fun because in addition to speaking about Ralph’s journey into the Feldenkrais work, it also has some wonderful bits and pieces of Feldenkrais history in Australia and elsewhere and also some stories about Frank Wildman, who introduced the trademarked version of Feldenkrais into Australia. And also you can hear a bit about Thomas Hanna and perhaps some other names that you might recognize.

It’s also fascinating because you get to hear Rob McNeilly, who is an Ericksonian hypnotist and former medical doctor, who spent some time with Milton Erickson really listening and wondering about what this set of processes – that some people call “The Feldenkrais Method – “IS” about and what it can do.

To me this is really a lovely interview, its about 38 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it:

Listen Online:

Or download to your computer and listen later:
Ralph Hadden Podcast

3 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Podcasts: Ralph Hadden, Australia

  1. nagster Post author

    Thanks Istvan. It’s a pleasure to share the work of more and more practitioners all over the world. We are a diverse lot! – Ryan

  2. Istvan

    Ryan, I particularly enjoyed the part about T. Hanna. Good to hear about the big change he went through with Feldenkrais. He does not mention that in his book. Funny thing is that he (Hanna) has become more popular in some quarters than F. himself.

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