Marty Weiner Workshop Notes From Steve Hamlin

I recently received an email from Steve Hamlin a Feldenkrais Practitioner in Los Angeles. (Steve also blogs: Steve read my post on Martin Weiner’s death last year and offered to send his thoughts and workshop notes from some experiences he had with Marty. I quickly agreed and have posted them below. Enjoy.

I recently ran across Ryan’s year-old blog post on the suicide of Marty Weiner and thought it was nicely done. I too have been struggling to make sense of his death, and of Jack Hegge’s as well. As did Ryan, I have reached my own conclusions, which have allowed me to not only to have no judgement but rather still treasure the legacy of these two men. Along those lines, I decided to share some information to post online. I hope you find it useful

When Marty was in Ojai I attended a number of his workshops including an “overnighter”.

I take sparse notes in the moment, but later type them out in detail using my memory to fill in the picture. Maybe since I type so fast (having been employed in jobs requiring typing many years) my notes can be excruciatingly – or delightfully – thorough, depending on your viewpoint. I would guess there are few in the Feldenkrais community who have been so – probably neurotically obsessed with taking extensive notes (as if that means I really learned the material — not).

Those workshops with Marty marked a turning point in my Feldenkrais practice, where I began to trust my imagination to guide me. I finally learned to somewhat relax as the client walks in the door, being comfortable “not knowing what to do” as Marty was trying to teach us. The role playing in his workshops was so helpful! But all that an much more is fully described in these notes of mine, of Marty’s workshops.

Workshop Notes in PDF Form

Workshop Notes in Word doc Form

5 thoughts on “Marty Weiner Workshop Notes From Steve Hamlin

  1. stacy barrows

    Thank you Ryan for this resource, and thank you Steve for this wonderful gift.
    Your fellow Feldenkrais collegue from Mark Reese’s LA training, Stacy Barrows

  2. Kim Cottrell

    Steve, I really enjoyed reading your notations for their simplicity and repetition. It was like finding an agate on the beach and then another and another. Agates have properties that make them alike and yet there are many variants of those qualities. I felt after I’d read your notes, that I’d taken one of Marty’s workshops despite that I haven’t. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Maya Durie

    thank you Steve for this gift! I never got the chance to study with Marty, but I loved his newsletters. I miss his expression of genius!

  4. Bob Boyd

    I met Marty at a workshop he gave in Portland at the FGNA Conference a few years ago. I learned a lot in a very short time that day. These notes are so in tune with what I got from him. Thank you for these Steve, and Ryan for posting them. I keep coming back to the key things he shared with us that day and you’ve captured those and more in your notes.

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