Are Feldenkrais Guild Matters Important To You?

Or are you merely using the Guild as a means of procrastinating doing that which is important and meaningful?

4 thoughts on “Are Feldenkrais Guild Matters Important To You?

  1. Brad Beldner

    I haven’t used the Guild for anything since 2005. For what I desire,the Guild is too limited and the thinking to small to promote and expand the work that I want to do.

    Maybe the Guild is procrastinating doing that which is important and meaningful…

  2. Audy

    Haven’t practitioners of all or most areas of human endeavor been the ones who expand the work of their fields, not the organizations they belong to?

    Maybe a better question is “What do you expect from the Guild?

    “Use” the Guild. When I would like to find a practitioner anywhere in the world. Yes. I use the Guild website. I like to check through “F-Krais” Resources for cds/VHlS which feature Feldenkais himself. The society we live in, especially when it comes to working on the human body, often demands some kind of training and certification of practitioners to protect the client and makes available insurance to protect the practitioner.

    1. Brad Beldner

      I think the fact that somebody is has made it through this certification program doesn’t mean the have a high level of competency. The Guild certification is more like the trophy that all the kids get for showing up for the event. There is no rigorous testing or internship available to keep standards high. The guild dues are a lot to pay for having your name on the practitioner website.

  3. nagster Post author

    Brad – There is nothing that you wrote that I do not agree with.

    Audy – Thanks for your comments.

    The guild has certain useful functions, no argument there. However, the system also directly impedes (and is meant to impede) the independent growth of practitioners and the method. “Feldenkrais” has been artificially and narrowly defined and on 60 or so of the THOUSANDS of practitioners are able to train and develop the work under the “Feldenkrais” banner.

    This is a tragedy of huge proportions and is why leaders like Brad Beldner are not joining the Guild system (there are others who I am not at liberty to name) are simply doing the work – organically – as Moshe intended – without interference from an organization designed to control who profits from the work.

    And, as I have mentioned before, the current system was in no way set-up by Moshe Feldenkrais and it does not “protect his work” as others such as David Zemach Bersin have claimed. The current system demands (yes, DEMANDS) conformity and creates a caste system. Those who knew Moshe and became “Trainers” are at the top. Others who give up their independence and conform for 20 or more years MIGHT become trainers. Everyone else – the practitioners who actually pay for the Guild are permanently second class and without a voice.

    There is no meaningful pathway to advancement, no way of developing one´s work within the system.

    The Guild system is a system of alienation and limitation, regardless of the fact that it does have some use in maintaining the service marks and such.

    That’s my two cents.

    – Ryan

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