Information on Feldenkrais Training & Accreditation is a Secret?

Then Why No Website?

There are committees called Training and Accreditation Boards or “TABs” that oversee regulation of Feldenkrais training programs, who teaches in training programs, and the process by which Feldenkrais trainers and assistant trainers become certified. The TAB’s are committees within the various guilds ie. the North American Guild, the Australian Guild, the European Guild organizations etc. and all policy must be approved unanimously by these membership organizations. Given the importance of these tasks, and these committees, I would expect to find clear information about them online. For example, a webpage or a website detailing who is on those boards, how members are elected or chosen, when the committees meet, what their policies are…no such website exists. Why?

Are you a Feldenkrais Practitioner? Do you pay dues to one of the organizations? Then why do you not have quick, easy, reliable access to this information?

The European Training and Accreditation Board or EUROTAB has a website: It has minimal information at best. But it is a start. There are a couple of pages about the Australian board. And the North American Board (NATAB)? Not much online. I could not find any website and very little information about it online. Who are the members of the NATAB? When do they meet? How are they elected or appointed? What are the organizations bylaws? Who exactly are the certified trainers and assistant trainers? How does one contact them?

Those of you who want to change things within the guild system, I applaud you. But first you must have some information, yes? Where is it? Do you feel like demanding it? You have already paid for it and have been doing so for years. Where is it????