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Ryan Nagy, Feldenkrais Classics, Volume 2

They say that sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you…but this time, I seem to have eaten the bear! Earlier today, I posted that in several days I would be ready to release Volume 2 of my “Feldenkrais Classics” series but I was able to get it all pulled together much quickly than I anticipated. Uhm…that rarely happens, but I won’t complain.

I have had both a great deal of fun and exasperation pulling these sessions together. The exasperation was related to construction that was done about two blocks away from me, leading to a re-routing of several hundred buses to pass directly in front of my house everyday…for more than two weeks! It was almost impossible to record.

And then there are the various things that can make Feldenkrais-based sessions so challenging (to me at least) such as occasional changes in sleep and emotions and thinking when recording, editing and experiencing complex Feldenkrais sessions. And I am a firm believer in the “non-habitual non-habitual” which means doing Feldenkrais sessions in a variety of unique environments such as late at night, in the early morning, in bed, and occasionally trying on pieces in public such as at a coffee shop or restaurant. That is not to say that I have been on the floor doing sessions in public, but people do look at me strangely when I take off my shoes, hold a foot and pass the knee inside and outside my arm. Somehow I seemed to do more of that than usual when pulling together these particular sessions. Have you ever tried non-habitual Feldenkrais? Sounds paradoxical? It’s not. There are patterns within patterns within patterns that we can play with. For me it has been life-changing and hope that it continues to be so. And not just for Ryan.

It may take a while to get these on iTunes and Amazon as I have some issues to work out on the CD cover. But you can purchase the full series from me, right now. Including:

1. A brief 5-minute introduction

2. Rhythmic Tapping

3. Lifting on The Stomach

4. Rotating Your Spine Through Your Legs

5. Differentiating Your Hip Joint.

6. Four Points Classic or Four Points of Support on Your Hands and Feet

7. Crawling” as in Crawling on Your Hands and Knees.


Please note: You CAN do these sessions even if you have not yet done Volume 1.

Feldenkrais Classics, Volume 2, $9.99

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I stand behind what I sell. If you are not satisfied with the material, you will get your money back – no questions asked.
* I have not done transcripts with this volume. Quite frankly, creating them for the last version was an ungodly amount of work and I am not quite ready to pay to have someone create them for me just yet. I will likely have someone create transcripts of these sessions in several months, though I cannot guarantee it. Will let you know.