A Couple of Five Star Reviews For “Feldenkrais Classics”

Ryan Nagy, Feldenkrais Classics, Volume 2

Ryan Nagy, Feldenkrais Classics, Volume 2

“His Voice and Tone Is Just Right To Push You On To Wellness”

I just saw that someone posted a 5-star review on Amazon and Apple iTunes for Volume 2 of my “Feldenkrais Classics Series.” As a little hint, you can buy them from those two companies or You can get Volume 1 for free on my online store with ANY purchase.

“I actually purchased this on iTunes before I saw it here. This is amazing. For years years I have had a shoulder/neck stiffness. Last year it got so bad it went down my right arm with constant pain. I also developed ( oddly to me) archillis tendentious on the left side. Dr. seen nothing and sent me off to PT. Some help, but no permenant cure. With the first session (of Feldenkrais Classics) I got relief.

It may take someone else more time, but, here is a gentle program to correct your body balance. You can’t force it, you can’t pick it up from a book (I tried that) but here is someone talking you through it. It takes lying on the floor and gently doing some moves. One other note, I have been doing exercises before this ( like everybody does after the holiday pig outs) and there is no way to do them right without getting balance. You are just developing the muscles that got you twisted if you do. Like pull-up chin-ups, one shoulder came forward more, one arm way stronger, one wrist twisted, even a little counts. After doing the Nagy sessions, it’s plain to me twisting my dominant right side caused all this, plus even set off the left side ankle archillis tendentious. Get the download, it will change your life. As a bonus, his voice and tone is just right to push you on to wellness. (Link To Amazon Review)

And from iTunes:

This is amazing! It will gently correct and release your body. If you have joint pains, frozen shoulder, jaw pain, etc. this will be a Godsend. If you exercise, have a sport you want to be excellent in, you need this to develop a balanced body. For whatever you need this (and believe me, we all need it) this will be the best $9.99 you ever spent. You will feel a difference from the first session.

Thanks for listening! These are not reviews that I asked for or paid for, nor do I know the person who wrote them, they were (as far as I can tell) completely spontaneous.

I have recorded a CD of Feldenkrais sessions in sitting and have also planned Feldenkrais Classics, Volume 3, but have to put them off for a bit…stay posted for details and updates.

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