Alternate Realities and The Feldenkrais Guild

Most of the human systems that we find ourselves in…or choose not to find ourselves in…are made up. They are dreamed up by people as fallible as we are. I am speaking to rule-based, sociological-based and conformity-based value systems such as those found in religions, formal education of all types, Feldenkrais Guilds and other ideologically driven organizations.

These systems of control are created very often – perhaps most often – by people who don’t have our interests in mind or simply don’t have a clue as to the repercussions of their actions on the development of autonomy in individuals. If this shit is all made up – and it IS all made up. Might as well imagine it in a way that benefits you and those around you. Regarding the Feldenkrais Method, the paradox, if it can be called a paradox, is that conforming to someone else’s “rules” about the method in order to become “certified,” isolates one’s self from the very processes that created the work and that can recreate it moment-to-monent, person-to-person. Moshe Feldenkrais did not need to be certified and was not certified. Neither are you, nor can you. You might have convinced yourself otherwise. And that is fine. It is your life. And you did have lots of help from those who want your obedience to sell their products and maintain control. But what happens when your actions help to teach others to conform? And to isolate themselves from their own processes? Do you have that right? You certainly can take it. People have been doing so for millennia.

Alternate realities are seldom communicated. And sadly, when they are, people tend to avert their eyes. Freedom, in so far as it can be actualized in human primates is scary. It certainly scares the hell out of me.

I do like to remind myself, as I remind you when I can: Moshe did not create the guild nor its policies. Nor did Moshe create the actions and policies of the Mind Body Studies Intsitute (Mia Segal and Leora Gastor’s organization), nor that of Anat Baniel nor anyone else. That, as near as I can tell, leaves each and every next step up to you and to me.

I must admit, that I often find these types of messages and blog posts to be annoying. The level of which depends perhaps on how much coffee I have had, the time of day, and where I am at on certain projects. You might say that Jobs and people who comment, such as myself, are leaving out the instructions and “how to.” And therein lies the appeal of the Feldenkrais Guild and other organizations that have implicitly, perhaps even unconsciously, modeled themselves after religions. They can claim to sell you the instruction manual. And you can imagine to have purchased it.

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    1. nagster Post author

      Thanks Rachel. I am hoping that more of that Steve Jobs video will come out. I think they are creating a documentary. cheers! Ryan

  1. Sally

    Thank you, Ryan! Worth watching. I shared it on Facebook and it has a link for a 60-minute film…Master sellers.

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi Sally. Thanks for sharing the link on Facebook. Much appreciated! I hope to have the time to watch the full video soon. cheers! Ryan

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