Does Apple Own The Feldenkrais Method?

In the last month, I have received messages from two different people who have bought one of my Feldenkrais mp3 series directly from me and said, “Ryan, I bought your product but it didn’t work. I don’t see it on my iPhone. It is not in my iTunes either.” People are buying stuff directly from me and then expecting it to be automatically transfered or to show up in their iTunes. In other words, the Apple ecosystem has gotten so strong that it has created for some people the habit and expectation that their music and mp3’s should just magically show up in iTunes regardless of where they buy them.

For me, this creates a bit of a problem because for every $1 that I make selling my downloads via iTunes and Amazon, I make $5 selling on my own. To state that differently, on a month that I make $100 selling via Apple and Amazon, I usually take in $500 or more on my online store. The two numbers are not related, there is no correlation or causality between them. But I keep about 95% of the profit when I sell on my own. And when selling via iTunes and Amazon only keep about 63%…not to mention that iTunes limits my selling price to $9.99 per album.

So…am I crazy to keep selling my stuff through the music aggregators such as iTunes? Perhaps. But I constantly get positive feedback from people who have bought my stuff on iTunes. And I know that I am reaching people who otherwise might not have tried the method. And…as many of you know…I make my living selling online and I do have some secret weapons. For example, many people who do not buy directly from me end up signing up for my email list. I have created a direct path for them to do so. And later many of them buy directly from me. And, perhaps more important, when I start teaching live Feldenkrais classes again, I will have a very large email list of people who know me and who have used my work and to whom I can promote my workshops.

And, as much as it pains me to say this, Apple iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store are only going to get more powerful and gain more market share. They are becoming ingrained in people’s buying process and they are getting larger and larger. Not being on those services limits the ability of the work to get better known and for individual practitioners to get better known. It is about as simple is that.

If you want to learn more about this, in particular, WHETHER you should sell online and HOW you should sell online. And how to do so in the most cost-effective and most powerful way, I invite you take an hour with me to show you some tips, tricks and strategies for doing so. We can spend our time wondering how the work can get better known…or we can take action and make the work better known. For me, it is a very simple choice.

If you are not ready to sell online right now, right away. That’s fine. Start learning today and plant the seeds for the next phase of your development: