Getting Paid to Write About Feldenkrais.

I have been discussing a project with a friend of mine. He is a lawyer and a published author and I want him to research and write something for me about the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. The topic is something that I would personally like to write about, but doing so would take away from other writing projects that I am working on. The article will also require some legal knowledge that I do not have. If the project comes together, I will pay my friend to write the article. And I will publish the article on one of my websites or perhaps as an eBook sold on my website, Amazon and iTunes.

The process of implementing my own writing project made me wonder if it would be useful, in general, to support people writing about the work or to write about the work. It might be nice if authors and writers had an extra incentive. Perhaps an organization such as a Guild or the International Feldenkrais Federation could pay a small bounty for each published article? Or a group of people could come together and create a tiny non-profit or other organization to fund such a thing. Or would it be considered unethical to get paid to publish an article in someone else’s newspaper or periodical?

I don’t know. Just thinking outloud.

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