I would like to refer people to you.

But I have to know who you are.

As near as I can tell, the only ones who have new models for getting feldenkrais into the world are you and me. If you are willing to mentor people in the work or are already doing so, let me know. I can put a listing to you on my blog. Having some information about what you do and how on your own website would also be useful. The students are ready. The teachers need to appear. It does not matter whether you are in the guild or not, mind-body studies or not, Anat Baniel Method or not. I believe there are a few other organizations out there whose work is based on the work of Feldenkrais (the man). Do you know who they are? Send me the link if you want it posted.

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7 thoughts on “I would like to refer people to you.

  1. Deborah Lotus

    Dear Ryan,
    I am very excited by your offer! but right now I am on a 3-week Birthday celebration in Palm springs with my former (first real) Alexander Teacher, Judith Stransky…I wrote you previously about my reunion with her.
    I will get back to you when i can put my mind to it.
    All the zest,

    I do feel a disconnect, I write you personal notes, and you don’t reply directly and then send more blanket notices…is this a human or computer flaw? I’m ok with human, but a little frustrated when you ask for feedback and then don’t respond and makes me wonder about the efficacy of this kind of ‘communication’??

  2. Carol Lessinger

    Thanks Ryan, I’m mentoring folks in Salt Lake City on Somatics They are teachers of mind/body studies other than Feldenkrais.
    There’s an Integrative Health Conference at the Univ of UT April 12/13. I’ll be giving an experiential presentation about the Feldenkrais Method there. the link is below. I’ll be mentoring at the Feldenkrais conference this year. will up date you later on that one.
    I look forward to your webinar. Carol


  3. Piero

    Dear Ryan
    I’m an Italian (I live in Rome) Feldenkrais® Pratictioner but I prefer refer to me as a lover of “feldenkrais approach” to life movement.
    My family was in textile business and so I became working in fashion business. After I worked as business consultant for small medium enterprises and now mentor for helping people to enter this new open working world.
    You can post this link to my blog
    Ryan, thanks for all.
    Piero Viscardi

  4. Jen

    Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!! Completely inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais and utterly discouraged by the outrageous cost, logistics etc of existing practitioner programs I happened upon your site a few months ago. I really appreciate your vision and your work, to bring Feldy to the masses. I am thankful to have found someone willing to mentor me…in the true spirit/intention. As you said the students are ready, I hope other teachers ‘answer your call’.

  5. Ralph Hadden

    Hello Ryan, I am practising Feldenkrais in Melbourne Australia: weekly classes, monthly workshops, FIs. Also recently became an Assistant Trainer. Already enjoying doing some informal mentoring of younger (in the method) fellow Feldenkrais practitioners.

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi everyone – Sorry for the late response. My blog is catching comments in the spam folder! I don’t know why. I think it would be good to set up a website or webpage so that people can share how and where they mentor. It would be a wonderful service to the world. Let me think of the best way to do it and then make another post.

      Thanks for posting!!


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