Puppet Show with Feldenkrais!


Years ago, in approximately 2005, when I first began selling Feldenkrias stuff online, my idea was to break free from selling products as “Feldenkrais” and to go directly for what people were searching for online. For example, rather than selling “Feldenkrais TMJ Lessons,” I would sell “Natural TMJ Relief” or “TMJ Exercises.” It was a great idea. But my skill set and understanding of online marketing was not strong enough. I made several attempts at selling “Drug-Free Back Pain Relief” and “Natural Back Pain Relief” but ultimately, the only thing that gained traction was Feldenkrais Back Pain Relief.

In the short term, selling within the “Feldenkrais” arena was a good move. It helped keep me afloat financially while I kept learning about programming, and internet marketing and sales. But you know what? For me, “Feldenkrais” is a rate-limiting term. It limits growth, awareness and sales. Again – for me. It might be different for you.

So, with a strange mixture of having a heavy heart and also a sense of excitement, I am launching my next “mini product” with Feldenkrais as a tag line. I won’ tell you exactly what I will be launching, as I am not quite sure. But to give you an example: “Back Pain Relief, Using Feldenkrais Principles.”

I think perhaps it is better to gain traction in a larger market than to gain traction in a smaller market. Especially one with very slow rate of growth.

Just some thoughts for now. As usual, I write and publish this stuff as an aid to my own thinking and action. Your mileage may vary.

2 thoughts on “Puppet Show with Feldenkrais!

  1. Al Wadleigh, GCFP

    I had the same thought many years ago myself, Ryan, with products like “A Healthy Back” and “Total Body Golf”. The problem with marketing to a category like “back pain relief” is that it is so huge the product lacks differentiation from the slew of other back pain relief products. “Feldenkrais”, as a niche market, helps differentiate the product and improve sales.

    Selling products without the Feldenkrais name works better when being sold through a Feldenkrias store like AchievingExcellence.com where everything is Feldenkrias related.

    On the other hand, a product like Frank Wildman’s “Change Your Age” video series is doing very well. While not defined as “Feldenkrais” (not even in the content of the videos) it manages to stand out as the category or “age-reversal exercises” is relatively small.

  2. Hans Holter Solhjell

    Have you tried, or done some research, on other terms, like “mindful movement”, “deep learning”, “somatic learning”, “mind body learning/movement”, “deep focused movement” or other such terms, that might or might not be more appealing/understandable that the Feldenkrais name?

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