The FGNA Wants To Change: Are You Ready To Help?

Have you seen some of the updates coming from the Feldenkrais Guild of North America regarding recent events? They do not in any way speak to or mention the circumstances surrounding Susan Marshall’s departure. They do not talk about the role of the Board of Directors. They do not speak to how to change the dynamic moving forward. The updates are filled with corporate, legalistic jargon and make no mention of what happened in the trainer coup. Personally, I read the bulletins and felt like vomiting. They are filled with slogans and fluff with no real human energy or emotion.

How in the hell can you move forward as an organization if you keep ignoring what is happening in the present moment? There was a coup by a group of Feldenkrais trainers. One of many that have happened over the years. They bullied and attacked the Guild director for months until she quit. The current board of directors did virtually nothing to support her.

No mention of this? No mention of the dynamic? The history? And now they want to spend $1000’s of dollars to hire yet another consultant to make recommendations?

There is a difference between action and activity. The Guild wants to focus us on activity. It is form of distraction. Read the update below. They want to “focus energy on supporting practitioners” and “build recognition of the Feldenkrais Method.” The want to “streamline the routine operations” and “provide user-friendly web-based opportunities.” (Feldenkrais Guild Update #1)

What is this? Mindless slogans. Stupidity. Distraction. How many times can we read this kind of stuff? How many times can we go through this? Does anybody have the courage to be honest about what is happening here? Can anyone have a simple human response?

If you are an FGNA member, you are under attack. You do not have an organization working for you. You have a weak board that is spinning its wheels and have been doing so for decades. You do not have elected representatives. They are appointed and they are not accountable to you. They are under the control of a small group of so-called trainers who scream bloody and attack when they do not get what they want when they want it.

Does that frighten you? Scare you? Good. At least somebody around here has a pulse. Now do something. What?

How about getting together and finding a new group of board members. Get together and decide who you want. Preferably a group with similar goals and visions. Nominate them. Get ready to fight when they try and stop you from having a real election and choice.

What else? How about asking some tough questions and keep asking them until you get answers. What was the role of the current board? What stopped them from supporting their director?

Why is Dwight Pargee the only one that stepped down? Should not they all step down? If you feel that way, then say, something. Call the Guild. Write an email to to the director. Tell her that you have no confidence in the board and that you want them to step down.

Do you pay for the Guild? Yes. Do you have a voice? Maybe. The status quo is not working. Something has to change. You know this.

Do something. Please. It does not matter if what you do is immediately effective. It can be a first approximation. But you have to start somewhere.

If you want to act, but are not willing, that is fine too. We all start with our own comfort zone. How about you fail to act by not renewing your membership? If the Guild is faced with bankruptcy, perhaps it will wake up and realize that it has to support its members – the practitioners who pay for it all. That would be you.

Here is some contact information:

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America
5436 N. Albina Ave
Portland, OR 97217
800-775-2118 (toll free)
503-221-6612 (office)

On the page below is an email contact form:

Please do not attack or be hostile to Guild employees. They are as upset as anyone else. They had a boss who they liked and who was forced to resign. But even so, express your opinion. You pay the rent and the salaries and the benefits. Really. You do. You have a right to an organization that represents you.