Feldenkrais in Nicaragua, Feldenkrais for the Eyes and a MOVE….

I am nearly done blogging here on UtahFeldenkrais.org. I am slowly but surely moving my writing to the blog on RyanNagy.com. I have to say that it is a rather embodying experience to bring all my various interests under “one roof.” For years, RyanNagy.com was primarily a blog about search engine optimization and search marketing. The website was a tool that I used successfully to build a practice in that field. I had several clients who were start-ups and also several who were larger, multi-million dollar businesses. Fun stuff for a while. But I got bored. I now only work on my own projects and of those with whom I collaborate. And I no longer live in Utah! So, time to leave “utah feldenkrais” and bring it all home to Ryan Nagy.

I still have a few more posts here on UtahFeldenkrais.org and I have much work to do on the other site before it is completely ready.

But, if you are interested, there are several blog post regarding a Feldenkrais Volunteer Opportunity in Nicaragua, a new Feldenkrais mp3 series for the eyes that I am working on. And more.

Join me over there if you choose. When I finally stop blogging here, I will send you a notification. And for those of you who only want to read about certain topics (such as Feldenkrais) and not others (Marketing, Technoology, Hypnosis etc), I will have the option of deciding which types of notifications you receive.

cheers! – Ryan

3 thoughts on “Feldenkrais in Nicaragua, Feldenkrais for the Eyes and a MOVE….

  1. Ryan Nagy

    Gracias Esther. Me agrada mucho tu blog y website. MUY profesional. Espero que nos vemos “en vivo” un dia. Un abrazo! Ryan

  2. Funny Bunny

    I live in an area where online marketing and print marketing and any kind of advertisement or blog or newspaper article does not work. It’s 100% word of mouth, and people fear change more than dying from alcohol abuse. Funny … but these areas DO exist, and I’m right in the center of one. Blessed all the companies who can use online marketing to their benefit. Or not blessed.

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