Last Call: Peter Levine, Pat Ogden and Stephen Porges

Hi all – I am the process of reading the transcripts and listening to the audio versions from NICABM’s Trauma and Body series. I am also responding to comments from Feldenkrais practitioners who attended and sent me emails and responses on Facebook and such. I really appreciate it when people do that. If you attended any sessions from this particular event and have anything to add, please put a comment below? I am also curious about your experiences with Somatic Experiencing and Body Based Therapy in general.

I did my best to annoy the hell out of you with blog posts, emails and Facebook spam so that you could attend the events for free. But if you missed any of them, or want the downloads there is still time to buy. The cost of the paid version is set to rise dramatically on Monday, May 13 so if you want to get all the videos, audio, transcripts and bonuses, enroll now.

Rob Cohen, a student from the Amherst training who also did a training with Anat Baniel wrote:

“Ryan, I enjoyed Pat Ogden’s talk and am sorry that I missed van der Kolk and Porges. Last weekend I went to an introduction to Peter Levine’s work and found it very interesting. I discovered long ago that touching, no matter how masterful, was not enough to relieve many people’s difficulties because the emotionality and physiology of the problem would come back after the lesson if they were not addressed directly. I’m now getting both confirmation of what I had realized and ways of going past that which I had created on my own in working with students. Thanks for the link!”

The list of Feldenkrais practitioners who use and are interested in these various trauma treatments is growing and includes, Irene Lyon (formerly Irene Gutteridge), Brad Beldner and many others. Here is the link to purchase the series before the price increase: