Getting Beyond the Typical Feldenkrais “Excuses”

You may have noticed that I do not write much on this blog anymore. You may even be relieved! Or as one anonymous Feldenkrais practitioner succinctly put it, “Hey asshole, did you finally get a life of your own?” The answer is of course, “Yes.” Though I do hope at some point David Bersin and Paul Rubin will consider writing me without the benefit of anonymity. Even my mother has stopped resorting to those tactics!

I am writing you today because my friend Amanda sent me an email asking me if I would help her promote something that is related to the Feldenkrais Method: mindfulness. In particular what to do when people say that a particular mindfulness strategy causes them anxiety or they simply refuse to engage in a particular meditation. Perhaps as a Feldenkrais practitioner or fan, you may have had a similar issue? That is, how do you get yourself “on the floor” to do Feldenkrais when you do not want to? Or how do you continue to do Feldenkrais if it brings you into areas of life that frighten you or that bring anxiety. And what about your clients? Put another way, when are the “signals” that scare us actually a starting point for deeper self-exploration, embodiedment and growth? I am wondering if the free video might spark a conversation on the topic. Would love the read any comments that you care to leave below after you have watched the video.

To get the link to video, you will have to enter your email. And later there will be a paid program of some sort. Though that is optional. Click to get the video.

4 thoughts on “Getting Beyond the Typical Feldenkrais “Excuses”

  1. daniel

    you know, Ryan, I’m doing quite a lot of F-s, dance 5 rhythms and contact improv and I do get a lot of anxiety. As my psychotherapist formulated it, sometimes it’s just hard to meditate on a minefield, having consumed a dose of laxatives. Very often anxiety is caused by psychological problems that are orthogonal to what mindfulness techniques address. This is not my point, it’s Ken Wilber’s, but I totally subscribe to it. So sometimes if one is too anxious to start the practice it might be worthwhile to address the psychological problems that cause the anxiety and after that return to meditations )

  2. nagster Post author

    Thanks Daniel. Did you also watch the video?

    I am not quite the expert on it, but what you wrote makes a great deal of sense to me personally.


  3. Rose Eisenberg

    Just today I open your mail… I could not see the video, but the think you write about the difficulties to lay dawn and do atms… it seems me truth… Rose from Mexico

  4. Ryan Nagy

    Hi Rose. Good to see your message. I think the “free video” offer has expired. My apologies! Sometimes I just lay down and do a scan when I don¡t “feel like” doing Feldenkrias ATM. It really helps!


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