Feldenkrais Amherst Training: The Original Flyer

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I thought this was kind of cool. A scan of one of the original flyers from the Feldenkrais training at Amherst. Originally posted by Elinor Silverstein on Facebook. You can click the image above to open in another window and then download. Full text of the flyer and a little commentary is available on my main website: The Amherst Training Flyer.

2 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Amherst Training: The Original Flyer

  1. Lisa

    Very cool to see the poster. Fascinating the emphasis on physical therapy something shyed away from later though I think I’m seeing a bit of a return to it as people begin to mix ‘n match PT with Yoga with Somatic Education with Rolfing and Feldenkrais. Lovely cocktail.

  2. nagster Post author

    Hi Lisa. I think perhaps Moshe was talking in a language that was easy to understand. Perhasps harder to talk and write convincingly about the self-development and transformational aspects of the work. Though I am thinking more and more that it needs to be done if the work is to reach more people.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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