Hey, are you still there?

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Hi! Still reading this blog from time to time? I am not updating here very often, but I am blogging about the Feldenkrais Method and other topics over at http://www.ryannagy.com/feldenkrais/ Feel free to come to check it out if you want to be entertained, offended and perhaps read some breaking news about the Feldenkrais Method, some online conferences and new products. The world of internet and search marketing is continually changing and I will also be doing occasional updates on it from time-to-time.

What did you miss?

Feldenkrais Trainers Pick A New Guild Director. Recently updated.

Getting The Method (Your Method) Into The World. Some free and paid training for helping you to write a book about the Feldenkrais Method and related topics.

Constructivism and The Certainty of Uncertainty. Much as one must be aware of one’s unique movement habits to be an effective Feldenkrais practitioner, one must be aware of own’s idiosyncratic beliefs and values to be an effective agent of change.

Feldenkrais and The Female Brain. I was thinking about some of the amazing women pioneers we have in the Feldenkrais community.

Feldenkrais and Somatic Psychologies: Answer A Quick Question? I do not think this project will get off the ground, though it is, I believe, an important topic. The Feldenkrais community is so small, that doing a “sub-topic” of something only interested in by a few can make it financially unviable.

4 thoughts on “Hey, are you still there?

  1. Therese Sandhage

    Still here. I haven’t seen any new posts so there’s been nothing to read. No, I’m not interested in following the other site.

  2. Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

    Still here, Ryan, and still constantly evolving and pondering my relationship to Feldenkrais/ Bones for Life/ and Life Itself! Just keeps on changin’…
    All the zest,


    1. nagster Post author

      Hi Deborah, thanks for taking the time saying hello. I “see” you on Facebook from time to time (though you did stop using it for a while??). Glad to see you are still mixing things up.



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