A Biological Basis of Living in the Unknown… (TONIGHT)

This blog post went out a little late and many of you missed the free webinar. I am really sorry about that. The fault was mine. Next time, I will do a better job. And by the way – do not forget that there is still great new content on RyanNagy.com. Forgive me for doing so, but I have started a new series called, “Things Feldenkrais was Wrong About. I started rather tamely with something that matters to me as a student of Milton Erickson’s work: http://www.ryannagy.com/2014/things-feldenkrais-was-wrong-about-part-1/

As a Feldenkrais practitioner, student or fan you have heard – I hope – about Moshe’s desire to have his students learn to live in the unknown. As he wrote quite simply in The Elusive Obvious,

“…learning to us is learning to grasp the unknown”

Living in the unknown is very often about learning to take intelligent risks on our own behalf, and managing the anxiety of risk taking and it’s consequences. As those of you with children already know, their is a group of people KNOWN for their risk taking: Teenagers. Tonight, one of my friends and colleagues, Dr. Ruth Buczynski will be interviewing Dan Siegel, MD about risk-taking in general and teenagers in specific. I think you will find this to be quite an illuminating discussion for your life and practice.

The webinar is free if you enroll now. Or if you would like to have a 6-webinars from this series on “Brain Science” you can get all of the webinars in the series, including video downloads, audio downloads, and transcripts by signing up for a Gold Membership


Ryan Nagy
writing from The Italian Coffee Company
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico.

2 thoughts on “A Biological Basis of Living in the Unknown… (TONIGHT)

  1. Russell

    Ryan – I’m confused by your posting here. “The webinar is free if you enroll now. ” or… (sign up for Gold Membership).
    The plain fact is that I was notified of the posting almost immediately by a Google Alert . However, there was nothing free at the link you posted here. I tried soon after your posting, and again this morning – all that’s available is a promotion for all of the webinars in the series.
    I have a particular interest in this topic – do you know where the actual link to this particular webinar might be?

    1. nagster Post author

      Hi Russell,

      Sorry. I messed up and posted that a day late. By the time most people had read the post, the free showing of the webinar had already passed. I really apologize. The next time I do this, I will post several days in advance so that people can plan ahead.

      Again, my apologies.


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