Feldenkrais Training With Frank Wildman And Mia Segal.

find-mosh-feldenkrais-300x55It is not yet the largest, but it is the most diverse and worldwide listing of practitioners who have trained directly with Moshe Feldenkrais or one of his students. Yes, I am talking about “Feldenkrais Finder” where you can go to find practitioners worldwide: http://feldenkraisfinder.com

Listings are free for practitioners (very small charge for trainings) and will be free until the site is large enough to be a comprehensive resource for the public.

Picture of Mia Segal

Mia Segal

Mia Segal from MBS Academy has a training listed: MBS Academy Foundation Training as does Frank Wildman: Feldenkrais Professional Training Program Eugene, Oregon.

Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman

If you would like to list a training, just click here to register and then create one.

Many Anat Baniel Method and Feldenkrais Guild practitioners have listed their weekly ATM classes and workshops on the site: Feldenkrais Classes. Once you have created your own account, you can do the same. The IFF Distribution Center has a listing as does Feldenkrais Trainer Jeff Haller

Several practitioners have paid a few dollars to have their free listing featured. However, they did not know that I was going to feature them here and Facebook putting them in front of several thousand more people. A shout out to:
Hans Holter Solhjell Feldenkrais in Oslo, Marlene Kennedy in Canada: Your Body Tells The Truth

By the way, some of you who view me as a foaming-at-the-mouth-lunatic (hi mom!) out to destroy the Feldenkrais Guild or whatever. Take heart: Feldenkrais Finder is an ideology-free website. It’s purpose is to raise the profile of the method and practitioners worldwide in all of our diversity. Any political muckraking that I do (or do not) will be on ryannagy.com/feldenkrais

Why Get A Feldenkrais Finder Listing?

- Get a higher google ranking
- Get more students and clients
- Feel the pride of joining a diverse group of such amazing people
- See for yourself – and let the public see – how large and international this community is.

Check it out: Find A Feldenkrais Practitioner.

One thought on “Feldenkrais Training With Frank Wildman And Mia Segal.

  1. Alfons

    Great website, I already listed my practice, thanks ! Btw, with all the talking about Feldenkrais as a profession, and all those trainers selling tipps for success … did anyone ever notice that there are virtually NO JOB LISTINGS for Feldenkrais practitioners? Worldwide. Not a single open position. When every job database everywhere lists hundreds (some thousands) of open positions for physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors etc. there’s NOTHING (zero, nada, niente, nichts, ??, rien, nessuno) for Feldenkrais. Any thoughts on that?

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