Feldenkrais Videos From Austria: Wie sitzen Sie heute?

Wie sitzen Sie heute? Angenehmer mit der Feldenkrais Methode! Translation: How Are You Sitting Today? More comfortably with the Feldenkrais Method! I thought these where quite lovely. A series of short videos advertising The Feldenkrais Method® in Austria and an Austrian Feldenkrais Training, starting in July 2011. These are just 3 of 16 ads that […]

Edward Yu: Feldenkrais, Physical Fitness and Learning (gasp)

I’m remiss in not posting these excellent videos several month ago when I first discovered them. My apologies. Some great stuff from Feldenkrais Practitioner, runner and triathlete Edward Yu. Below he is speaking to a variety of topics related to learning, physical fitness and yes, the pure joy in movement and exercise. Notice how Edward […]

Feldenkrais Video: Dr. Feldenkrais Working With A Child With Cerebral Palsy.

It’s only a twelve-minute clip, but it’s worth watching. Do so now before it gets taken down for copyright violation. Also, there are MUCH better ways to share Dr. Feldenkrais videos than simply using YouTube. If you really want to get him more airtime and to promote the work, I suggest you sign-up for a […]

Feldenkrais Video: A Functional Integration Session in Three Parts (Mia Segal)

Oohhh I love seeing all these videos of Functional Integration sessions online. So important. This one is from Mia Segal and Andrew.* The video and audio is clear…as is the demonstration. Thanks to all of you who record and share these. Keep them coming! Mia Segal Functional Integration Session with Andrew, Part 1 Parts 2 […]

Feldenkrais Video: Over 269,000 views….

“Dancers have created a whole global laboratory online. Kids in Japan are taking moves from a YouTube video created in Detroit, building on it within days and releasing a new video, while teenagers in California are taking the Japanese video and remixing it to create a whole new dance style.” – Jonathan Chu, Filmaker. In […]

Feldenkrais Video: Eli Wadler Functional Integration Session

Eli Wadler, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students, has several videos online of him giving a Functional Integration session. Well worth viewing. It’s not only smart marketing, it’s good for the method, good for learning, and good for the diffusion of innovation. If you would like a brief overview of the importance of online video […]

Feldenkrais Google Search Trends (Deceiving!)

Feldenkrais Search Trends I was initially puzzled – and annoyed – at the chart below. It show a 5-year long decline in the number of people searching on Google for the word, "Feldenkrais." Surely that can’t be right??? The Graph is deceiving. What it is actually showing is a change in search habits. People, in […]