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Anat Baniel at TEDx

Anat Baniel Teaching Feldenkrais

Anat Baniel

I just found out that Anat Baniel spoke at the TEDx conference in Berkeley earlier this month. I’m very happy for her and others who are engaging in new behaviors and organizations to get Moshe’s ideas deeper into the world. But don’t worry. Those not interested in doing so still have the FeldyForum.

They have not posted videos of the presentations yet. As soon as they do I will post the video or a link. Some brief feedback that I found: Twitter user agoldfisher tweated “EDxBerkeley speaker Anat Baniel: wake up the brain, enormous implications for education. “Even on a bad day, you have an amazing brain.”

Weblogtheworld wrote that,

Anat asked the entire group of nearly 1,400 people to get up, stretch and then reach our toes with a slight bend of knees. She asked us to do it again after rounding our back and stretching while leaning up against our chairs, and then do it again. The result? A much more fluid and smooth experience, without tightness and without pain.”

1400 eh? That’s impressive. I hear David Bersin recently taught a workshop entitled, “Sharing Moshe’s Legacy.” Only three people showed up – two of whom were muttering something about “spare change.” Apparently, Bersin had none to share.

Thanks Anat. May you soon teach an Awareness Through Movement lesson to 14,000 people and then 14 million. And if not you, then someone else.

Move Into Life: Anat Baniel Speaks With Michael Merzenich

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In the interview below, Dr. Michael Merzenich speaks with Anat Baniel about her new book, Move into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality Watching the clip, I am deeply impressed with Anat’s ability to speak about Feldenkrais principles in a manner that is clear and easy-to-understand. It is an important skill that more people might want to learn. I will let the interview speak for itself:

Anat Baniel Feldenkrais Video: Feldenkrais Achieved What Medicine Could Not

I read a post by Hans Holter Solhjell on an online forum, which made me aware of how many new Feldenkrais Video’s have been posted online recently.

The video below, in which Anat Baniel, Feldenkrais Trainer appears, is particularly poignant for those of us in the Feldenkrais community. It tells the story that many of us know – an infant, “missing” a large portion of her brain stem, who was nonetheless able to grow, learn and develop into a healthy adult, thanks (in part) to the brilliance and flexibility of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Mother nature did the rest.

Thanks to “Healing Quest” and those who created the video and posted it online: