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Anat Baniel: A special needs child requires an extraordinary brain

A short video of Anat Baniel, who is demonstrating more and more that she knows how to engage people effectively via the internet. Anat speaks to briefly to the behavioral and neurological challenges that a special needs child has as he or she navigates the world and attempts to create patterns. I like Anat’s statement that you do not teach children anything, but they do learn. And I will add that the same is true of students in training programs.

Anat Baniel Video

A special thanks to Brad Beldner for posting the link to this video on Facebook.

Move Into Life: Anat Baniel Speaks With Michael Merzenich

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In the interview below, Dr. Michael Merzenich speaks with Anat Baniel about her new book, Move into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality Watching the clip, I am deeply impressed with Anat’s ability to speak about Feldenkrais principles in a manner that is clear and easy-to-understand. It is an important skill that more people might want to learn. I will let the interview speak for itself:

Anat Baniel Feldenkrais Video: Feldenkrais Achieved What Medicine Could Not

I read a post by Hans Holter Solhjell on an online forum, which made me aware of how many new Feldenkrais Video’s have been posted online recently.

The video below, in which Anat Baniel, Feldenkrais Trainer appears, is particularly poignant for those of us in the Feldenkrais community. It tells the story that many of us know – an infant, “missing” a large portion of her brain stem, who was nonetheless able to grow, learn and develop into a healthy adult, thanks (in part) to the brilliance and flexibility of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Mother nature did the rest.

Thanks to “Healing Quest” and those who created the video and posted it online: